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Terms and Conditions - Webpage

Below are the Terms and Conditions of Use to which are bound the Users of the webpage at ("the Page") built by Titularizadora Colombiana S.A. ("Titularizadora").

1. Acceptance of the Terms of Use

The sole access to the Page implies the User's full and integral acceptance of the Terms of Use as updated and any other conditions and rules that Titularizadora establishes for its usage. In any case, Titularizadora reserves without limitation the right to update and change at any time and in any way, unilaterally and without notice, the Terms of Use and the contents of the Page. Given the binding nature of the Terms of Use, the User is the sole responsible for reviewing from time to time the Terms of Use in effect at any time.

2. Use Conditions

Unless otherwise expressly stated, the access to the Page's information is free from any cost. Without detriment to the foregoing, Titularizadora does not guarantee in any case that the access to the Page will be permanent, uninterrupted, or free of error, virus, or any other harmful agents. Whenever the User accesses the website, the User will be responsible for such access and for taking any applicable actions to avoid and/or fix any undesired effects from such agents. The User agrees to use the contents of this Page for the sole purpose of legal activities and to abide by these Terms of Use in the usage of the information made available to the User by way of this Page. Any information contained in the Page can not be used in any case for commercial ends or purposes. The User's utilization of the Page entails a prohibition to broadcast, post, or communicate any type of information that is illegal or prohibited under the applicable Colombian laws. Furthermore, the User agrees not to insert into or transfer to the Page any materials that are obscene, misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, or in breach of Titularizadora's intellectual property rights, or which may adversely affect data, software or the operation of any computer equipment. The User is the sole responsible for accessing the Page and therefore Titularizadora is not liable for any damages caused to the User or any third parties due to the access to or use of the Page, for the loss of information or inability to use the Page or the information contained in the Page, all of these circumstances to be considered as force majeure. At Titularizadora's discretion, the page will include links to sites, which are provided for information purposes only. The inclusion of these linked sites in the Page does not imply any approval, recommendation, or relation of Titularizadora to any of said sites or any connection with their operators. In this regard, Titularizadora will not be held responsible in any case for the information and contents of the linked sites, or for the accessibility or permanent or disrupted availability of said sites. Titularizadora informs that the official language of its website is Spanish, although some of the contents have been translated to English. Thus, any difference between contents in Spanish and those that have been translated must be solved checking documents and texts in Spanish.

3. Nature of the Information

The User may access the data contained in the Page for information purposes only and therefore, such data may not be constructed as a legal advice, or a commercial or other type of recommendation or suggestion intended for decision making in investments or any other transactions. The Page content is for information purposes only and does not constitute a firm offer or demand with respect to the performance of any transactions. The data available in the Page may not be considered in any case as a financial or legal opinion or as a business or investment recommendation of Titularizadora. Neither may it be considered as an invitation to do business or as an offer to buy or sell any type of security. In any case, Titularizadora is not responsible for any investment decisions made, or for the result of any operation carried out by the addressees or any third parties based on the information contained in the Page. Such responsibility falls exclusively upon the Users that use such information.

4. Intellectual Property

Titularizadora holds the copyright and intellectual property rights in and to the distinctive signs in general, trademarks, service marks and, on the whole, everything that appears on screen, as well as to the information and materials contained in the Page unless otherwise stated. Hence, the User agrees not to distribute, sell, or trade, and in general not to dispose by any means of the information contained in the Page, in full or in part, under penalty of liability for copyright infringement under the applicable law and regulations, unless upon prior consent of Titularizadora in writing. The User may take a copy of the Page's contents for its exclusive non commercial use as long as the copies keep intact all the copyright notices and citation of the source. It must be understood that the acceptance of the Terms of Use stated in this document does not grant in any case an authorization or license of use in and to the contents or links of this Page.

5. Limitation of Liability

The User bears any claim for damages or loss that the User or any third party may suffer arising from the access to the information contained in the Page, the misinterpretation or misuse of said information, or in general, the performance of any type of operation through the Page, and thus the User indemnifies and holds Titularizadora harmless in such cases. Moreover, the User will hold Titularizadora harmless for any damages that might occur to the software, hardware, or any electronic device used to gain access to the Page. In any case, Titularizadora will not be liable for any damages, including without limitation direct, indirect, special or accidental damages, or for any loss of information or any expenses incurred in connection with the access to the Page, or for any use of the Page or inability to use the Page information or in general for any failure in performance, error, omission, disruption, defect, or delay in transmission or connection, or for the existence of a virus in the computer or system, or for system or line failure, termination, or suspension.

6. Notices

Any notice, request, petition and any other communications the Users need to make with respect to the Terms of Use will be made in writing and sent by certified mail to this address: Calle 72 No. 7-64 Of. 4 Bogotá (Colombia).

7. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

The policies and conditions of access and use established in these Terms and any conflicts that may arise from their interpretation, usage, scope, and termination are governed by the Colombian Law and are to be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Colombian courts.

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