Titularizadora Colombiana is the first entity specialized in securitization of mortgage loans in Colombia.

According to the definition provided by the Real Academia de la Lengua Española, the term securitization denotes "to convert certain assets, usually loans, into instruments tradable in the market." James Rosenthal (1988) defines securitization as "the carefully structured process whereby loans and other receivables are packaged, underwritten, and sold in the form of securities [to Investors]." For more information about securitization, please visit our section Securitization.

Mortgage loan securitization is a mechanism provided in Law 546/1999 (Law of Housing), by which the credit institutions, securitization conduits, and other authorized organizations issue securities that represent loans granted for financing the construction and purchase of housing.

Titularizadora Colombiana is a sociedad anónima (stock corporation) -a technical and administrative service provider whose corporate purpose is the purchase and mobilization of mortgage loans through their securitization using the systems established by Law 546/1999. It provides Titularizadora with powers to originate, structure, and act as manager agent in mortgage loan securitization processes, and to issue securities to further place the securities through private or public offerings

Titularizadora Colombiana purchases mortgage loans to authorized banks and turns them into Securities traded in capital markets. We invite you to know us in section Our Company, under Who are we and Our Activities.

The aim of Titularizadora is to bring together the capital markets and the need for home purchase financing by issuing mortgage-backed securities. Here, Titularizadora acts as a bridge between the housing needs of families and the savings in banking institutions on one end and individuals interested in high-profit low-risk instruments on the other end.

Titularizadora has the broadest powers of decision, execution, and disposition, subject to law and to the Rules of Operation for carrying out its duties as administrator both of the Securitization Process and of the Universalidades. Under these powers, Titularizadora has the required capacity to file, either directly or through third parties, any judicial or extra-judicial actions that may be advisable, necessary or required for the proper protection of the Underlying Assets and in general of all the rights of the Universalidades and of the Bondholders.

Yes, it is supervised by the Colombian Superintendencia Financiera (Office of the Finance Superintendent).

The 1999 Housing Law authorized the creation of securitization conduits with the sole purpose of helping reactivate the mortgage market. Therefore, Titularizadora´s corporate purpose is the purchase and securitization of individuals´ mortgage loans only.

Titularizadora´s Financial Statements are posted in Our Company section Financial Information subsection. The Financial Statements of the Universalidades are available in section Issues under Universalidad.

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